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Goals & Strategy

Our Goals

Over the next decade, the BoP Global Network seeks to have major impact in the world.  Specifically, we are committed to:

Growing the number of new BoP initiatives in the world

Through the efforts of the BoP Global Network and our partners we aim to play a role in the launch of at least 1,000 ventures around the world with a direct impact on the livelihoods of more than 1 million.



Increasing the likelihood of (all) BoP Venture Sucess

Through our applied research, shared learnings, and information dissemination, the BoP Global Network and its partners aim to measurably increase the rate of success of BoP venturing thereby positively impacting the lives and livelihoods of at least 1 billion people. 


Leapfrogging to Environmental Sustainability

Through our emphasis on converging disruptive new clean technologies and inclusive (BoP) business models, the BoP Global Network aims to measurably increase the environmental sustainability of the communities we affect, while simultaneously increasing incomes, livelihoods, and prosperity

Our Strategy

The BoP Global Network will achieve its aggressive goals for impact in the world three primary means:

1. Leveraging Existing Labs
The Global Network is a portfolio of many different and complementary skills, capabilities and experiences. Each BoP Lab brings distinctive attributes, some focused more on research and learning, and others focused more on action and on-the-ground implementation. By weaving these complementary skills together, the Global Network can create value that is greater than the sum of the parts. This includes the sharing of learning and experience, building partnerships among Labs, and engaging the entire Network in projects that are global in scope.


2. Catalyzing Potential BoP Labs
More than a dozen new organizations have approached the BoP Global Network with interest in becoming part of the Network. These organizations have the potential to become strong contributors in their regions. The Global Network is committed to working with these emerging partners to help catalyze and grow them into strong and sustainable BoP Labs that will contribute valuable learning to the Network and the world.


3. Creating New BoP Labs
While the BoP Global Network currently has 21 Labs around the world, there are important regions that are unrepresented in the Network - particularly in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. The Global Network is committed to identifying appropriate partners in these regions and working with them to launch entirely new BoP Labs that can make important contributions to global sustainable development.



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