May 14, 2015


The BoP Global Network is a membership-based organisation consisting of a vibrant community of academics and practitioners around the globe who believe that the answers to some of the greatest challenges facing humanity can be found through inclusive and sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship. This network was established to bring these people together to develop knowledge, share experiences and disseminate information regarding the theory and practice of sustainable business at the base of the economic pyramid.

Rather than using traditional aid methodologies to help the poor improve their quality of life, the BoP Global Network has established BoP Labs that promote research and development of entrepreneurial business methods to accomplish this end.  The goal is to stimulate new enterprises that are economically competitive, environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive, and culturally embedded. This innovative idea has caught the attention of numerous academic institutions and other organisations around the world, and currently, BoP Labs have been established in 33 countries.