Claudia Pires

So+ma develop social business strategies that create positive impact and a bond between local communities (“favelas”) and corporate business in order to create new economic and social development. So+ma is an engaging platform to increase income and create new products, services and business opportunities to the low income communities, which has technology as its base and waste as a “social currency” to stimulate new habits while enhances positive environmental impact and creates new behaviors.

Claudia Pires has a degree in Advertising and Marketing from ESPM and Social Scientist graduated from USP, Post graduated in Marketing from UC Berkeley, California, MBA from IBMEC and MBA in sustainability Management from FGV, 20-year career in Business Strategy, Marketing and Sustainability with multinationals such as at PepsiCo, Quaker, Dana and Basf. Responsible for developing the sustainability strategy for PepsiCo Brasil to all business and Executive Director at PepsiCo Institute, co-founder. In 2013 became an entrepreneur, selected to Endeavor's program. In 2014 founded SO+MA, a start-up developing social impact business, promoting local development and stimulate new aspirational successful pathways for the favela youth. Its goal is to create new business opportunities to the low-income class, using technology to transform

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Claudia Pires