Social Enterprise Estonia
Helen Mikkov

Social Enterprise Estonia's mission is to increase the number, capacity and societal impact of social enterprises in Estonia. They are a non-profit association that belongs to an official list (administered by Estonian Tax and Customs Board) of Estonian NGOs working for the public benefit.

Founded in 2012, they have currently 54 of top Estonian social enterprises as our members. They have been among three contracted civil society partners for the Ministry of the Interior, helping to achieve the objectives of National Strategy for Civil Society 2015-2020. Their programs for social enterprise development have concentrated on increasing sales and improving scope, quality and impact of their activities, using a variety of methods like design thinking and action learning.

Social Enterprise Estonia is working closely with the main stakeholders in the field of formal and non-formal education in Estonia. For example, together with the Estonian Youth Work Centre and the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research they are implementing an informal strategy for developing youth social entrepreneurship.

They have been supported both by national (e.g. National Foundation for Civil Society, Ministry of Culture) as well as international funders (e.g. Nordic Council of Ministers, British Council). They have always fulfilled our commitments to the funders that can be proven by our grant track record. Their Chairman Helen Mikkov is a member of European Commission´s Expert Group on Social Entrepreneurship (GECES).

Lab Contact

Lab Leader:
Helen Mikkov
Helen Mikkov is CEO of Estonian Social Enterprise Network, where her work consists of developing national strategy for 2021-2024 and continuing with partnerships to increase the scope of social enterprises in Estonian. She was Recruitment Manager at Brandem Baltic OÜ, where she was the head of recruitment projects, including IT, service sectors and was responsible for the complete candidate life cycle in recruitment processes. She was also Recruitment Specialist at Tele2 and National Director of Organisational Development at AIESEC Costa Rica. She holds a Bachelor's of Arts, English Language and Literature from Tartu University.