Daniel Buchbinder

Alterna is the premier Center for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Central America. We are committed to developing an inclusive and dynamic ecosystem for social entrepreneurship through the incubation of high-impact ventures and cultivation of deep-impact social ventures that drive change from the ground up. Our experience in creating and scaling social enterprises enhances our cultivation work by providing us with a deep understanding of the challenges inherent in building a business in the developing world, the realities of working in rural and semi-rural contexts, strategies for supporting a significantly underserved client base, and the need for knowledge and credibility within a diverse network of stakeholders.

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Lab Leader:
Daniel Buchbinder
Daniel Buchbinder began his career in the consumer industry as a marketing executive at L´Oreal working in Mexico firs and then transferring to Spain. This experience allowed him to comprehend the nitty-gritty of consumer marketing dynamics and how to design solutions based on deep consumer understanding while also coming to understand the process of launching and managing brands and products for a wide array of customers in Latin America and Europe. In 2010, searching for a significant and meaningful career change, Buchbinder founded Alterna, a social innovation and entrepreneurship center based in Guatemala. Since Alterna´s inception, he has formed and led a multinational and multidisciplinary team that has created two social ventures and has cultivated more than 180 Guatemalan entrepreneurs with social and environmental impact. In 2014, Alterna received the Stephan Schimidheiny Award for innovation in sustainability, after competing with 800 participants in Latin America. Buchbinder holds a business administration degree (ITAM, Mexico) and postgraduate degrees, an MSc Environmental geography from the UNAM (Mexico) and an MSc in Environmental Technology with specialization in business and environment from the Imperial College London (UK).