Jacob Ravn

Access2innovation is the Danish platform for innovative, sustainable, commercial solutions to the African emerging markets. Since 2007, the platform has resulted in more than 80 partnerships between companies, NGOs investors, knowledge institutions and authorities by offering networks, financing and expertise in innovation and business development in Denmark and Afrika. 

As a member of Access2innovation you get access to a unique platform that joins partners, funding opportunities, knowledge and experience from all relevant sectors. Here you will meet start-ups, SME’s, multinational companies, humanitarian organisations, knowledge institutions, private and public investors as well as public authority.

Access2innovation is established across sectors, lines of industries, civil society, private actors and public authority and not least across borders and cultures. This gives you the best opportunities for gathering the competencies, that you need to penetrate the African emerging markets.

Lab Contact

Lab Leader:
Jacob Ravn
Jacob Ravn is the CEO of access2innovation. Based on his gained experiences from NorthDenmark EU-Office and Red Cross, he launched access2innovation in 2007 in relation to his PhD studies, and have since managed the network activities initiating 60 partnerships now delivering the needed solutions. As an integrated part of his work he has facilitated numerous innovation workshops, acted as moderator and positioned access2innovation in both local and international news media. Ravn holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Aalborg University and a Masters Degree in International Politics from CERIS, Belgium. Through his PhD degree, he has published several articles and books.