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Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. Novo Nordisk applies the Triple Bottom Line business principle when making decisions, and is accountable for its social and environmental performance as well as its financial performance. The Triple Bottom Line approach ensures that Novo Nordisk considers the impact of its actions on people, communities, and the environment. In this way, Novo Nordisk pursues business solutions that maximize value for all stakeholders and engages with society at large as it continues the work to prevent, treat, and defeat diabetes.

An example of this approach is Novo Nordisk’s Base of the Pyramid project, which aims to create shared value by developing scalable, sustainable, and profitable solutions that increase access to diabetes care while providing value to the business. The Base of the Pyramid project is currently running in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and India, where it is implemented with local partners. The project set-ups allow for all partners involved to bring their own contributions and to see a return on their efforts.

In this context, Novo Nordisk is pleased to be a sponsor of the 2nd BoP Global Network Summit 2015 and believes that the Summit provides a unique opportunity for good practice sharing between different sectors and actors with substantial knowledge of sustainable business at the base of the economic pyramid.

Novelis is the global leader in aluminum-rolled products and the world's largest aluminum recycler. The company operates in ten countries, employs approximately 11,000 employees, and reported revenues of $9.8 billion for its 2014 fiscal year. Novelis produces premium aluminum sheet and foil products for the transportation, packaging, construction, industrial, and consumer electronics markets in their facilities in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America, but the products into which their aluminum goes are distributed and used globally.

In early 2011, Novelis adopted a new set of sustainability targets; among them is the strikingly ambitious aim that 80 percent of their aluminum inputs will be comprised of recycled content by the year 2020. This, along with other efforts, is part of their strategy to become a low-carbon aluminum producer, with progress seen at all stages of the business including sourcing, manufacturing, customer use, and end-of-life with consumers. Novelis is excited to be partnering again with ESW at their BoP Summit. Building partnerships for sustainable growth and developing constructive stakeholder dialogue is critical to Novelis. Also important to them is finding opportunities by which they can engage with the base of the pyramid and find shared value for all parties.

PepsiCo is one of the world's leading food and beverage companies with over $66 billion in net revenue in 2014 and a global portfolio of diverse and beloved brands that includes 22 brands that in 2014 each generated more than $1 billion in estimated annual retail sales. At the heart of PepsiCo is Performance with Purpose— our goal to deliver top-tier financial performance while creating sustainable value for all stakeholders. Wherever we do business, Performance with Purpose is our guide. We believe that delivering for our consumers and customers, protecting the environment, sourcing with integrity and investing in our employees are not simply good things to do, but that these actions fuel our returns and position PepsiCo for long-term, sustainable growth.

Founded in Mexico in 1906, CEMEX is a global building materials company that provides high quality products and reliable services to customers and communities in more than 50 countries throughout the world, and we maintain trade relationships in over 100 nations. We work hard to develop and deliver the best solutions in cement, ready-mix, and aggregates...so we can transform ideas into reality.

Urbanization is creating a number of challenges that relate to the well-being of our society and the planet. These challenges are physical, societal, and environmental in nature and demand urban infrastructure and buildings that are adaptable, resilient, and sustainable. As a global company, we understand that our actions have an impact and that we can make a positive difference in the communities where we operate. Through our high-quality products, comprehensive services, and innovative solutions, we’re supporting sustainable development in a resource-constrained world.

As clear evidence of CEMEX’s commitment to shaping a long-term business strategy considering sustainability as an essential foundation, we decided to establish 2020 targets for our core sustainability KPIs: i) Provide resilient infrastructure and energy-efficient building solutions, ii) Enable a low-carbon and resource-efficient industry, iii) Implement a high-impact social strategy to empower communities, and iv) Embed our core values into every action. For further information, please visit CEMEX Sustainable Development Report

CEMEX is delighted to sponsor the 2nd BoP Global Network Summit. We strive to establish alliances that enhance the solutions we offer, and we will work to expand our flagship programs to countries where they can have a high impact. Inclusive and social business models have allowed CEMEX to work with hundreds of communities all over the world and improve the quality of life of approximately seven million people.

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Interface, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial carpet tile. Operating in over 100 countries and manufacturing on four continents, Interface develops product using materials and processes that take less from the environment. Interface is well along the path to “Mission Zero,” a 20-year-old company-wide commitment to eliminate any negative environmental impact by the year 2020.

Embedded in the company ethos, Interface believes it is not enough to do less harm, but sets out each day to do more good, and the company is dedicated to developing a restorative approach to enterprise. For the past three years, Interface and the Zoological Society of London have been running Net-Works, a community-led, socially inclusive business model sourcing nylon from discarded fishing nets from the Philippines, bringing some of the poorest people in the world into a global supply chain, and cleaning up the environment at the same time.

Interface is proud to sponsor the 2nd BoP Global Network Summit this year, as the only way we can build impactful socially inclusive business is through knowledge and sharing.

Ben & Jerry’s is a global ice cream company based in Vermont that operates on a three-part mission that places a social mission in balance with the product and economic missions to create linked prosperity for everyone connected to the business: suppliers, farmers, employees, franchisees, customers, and community neighbors. Ben & Jerry’s current priorities include initiatives addressing climate change and social equity. The company is in the process of designing and implementing plans to reduce its carbon footprint throughout its value chain based on IPCC guidance for 2050 targets. Ben & Jerry’s is also working to create more sustainable systems, social, economic, and environmental, for all stakeholders within its global agricultural supply chains.

Ben & Jerry’s enthusiastically supports the Base of the Pyramid Summit because it provides a pioneering forum that aligns with our own ambitions to engage in innovative social enterprises that work to create solutions addressing the 4 billion people globally who are at the extreme economic margins.

Facebook's mission is to make the world more open and connected. Internet.org is a Facebook-led initiative bringing together technology leaders, nonprofits and local communities to connect the two thirds of the world that doesn’t have internet access.

The Internet.org team and the Connectivity Lab at Facebook work together to understand and address barriers to connectivity and develop ways to make affordable internet access possible in communities around the world. The Internet.org app provides free basic services in markets where internet access may be less affordable. It allows people to browse selected health, employment and local information websites without data charges. The teams are also exploring a variety of technologies, including high-altitude long-endurance planes, satellites and lasers.

Connecting billions of people will be a massive global effort that requires ongoing innovation. Developers, mobile operators and device manufacturers will work together to introduce new business models that give people more ways to go online. Facebook is joining the 2015 BoP Summit to participate in working sessions with BoP Global Labs, industry and university stakeholders about models for driving inclusive and sustainable business development and how they are best achieved from the bottom up.

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